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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Electrocute viruses and bacteria with a zapper

Some eight years ago, I read a book by Dr. Hulda Clark titled "The Cure for All Diseases". In her book, Dr. Clark states that diseases are caused by parasites, toxins and pollutants. She describes how to build a "zapper", which runs on a 9 volt battery; the user holds an electrode in each hand and is "zapped" at a frequency somewhere around 30Khz (30,000 cycles per second). The idea is that any parasites (viruses, bacteria, yeasts and so on) are killed by the alternating current.

Back then, rather than build the device, I created a zapper on my computer, with some amazing results. One friend cured his lifelong herpes simplex (recurring cold sores) in the space of a week. My wife cured extremely irritating eczema from her hands over a few weeks. To this day, neither have experienced any relapse or symptoms - their complaints were apparently cured!

Some time later, I purchased a portable unit (not from Dr. Clark) for around a hundred bucks. It runs on a 9 volt battery but I don't believe it is very effective, so it is currently gathering dust in a closet.

I plan on revisiting the computer generator idea, having both a standard (original) frequency and possibly derivatives of Dr. Royal Rife's frequencies. The range of frequencies available from a computer sound card has increased markedly with the advent of 96Khz capability.

Dr. Clark has equipment and frequencies for sale but I'm unsure on what her frequencies are based. They are available by email after the signing of a non-disclosure agreement - unfortunately, I would not be able to conform :(

I will just have to work them out for myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We built a zapper based on her design, and used it several times to get better after simple colds, sore throats, etc. Plus had a party with friends and everyone had a good time joking about it and hold the electrodes. I wish I had a link to photos I could show you.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell us more about the sound card, was it software that created audio signals at specific frequencies, and output it from the sound card line out? then was the signal amplified and listened to or was it transduced into the body through bare copper wires? Was there any signal amplification involved if bare copper wires were used? And finally, will you be revisiting the software as a possible commercial release product in the future?

7:59 PM  

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