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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Caring for our operating system

As a computer technician, I often have the need to clean my clients' computers of malicious software, unnecessary programs and hundreds and even thousands of so-called temporary files which have been left behind by poorly programmed software. These, together with a fragmented hard drive and insufficient RAM (working memory), cause the computer to function well below its potential, and often lead to sluggishness and even crashes.

So what if we were to correlate this with our own brain or mind? Personally, I have lately been feeling like my own operating system is working somewhat below its potential. This is due in part to the stresses involved with some fairly significant changes in my working life. There have been changes in my sleeping patterns, I haven't been eating enough of the right foods, I've been neglecting exercise and so on. Its amazing how quickly and silently this personal neglect has affected my efficiency.

A search on Google for a shareware program to defragment and tune-up the brain or mind retrieved no immediate results (actually, I'd pay big bucks if there were such a beast!). Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just run a batch file or program to defragment, delete the useless information and clear up some hard drive space? Alas, the human unit is way, way more sophisticated and complex than any computer, even those listed in The Top 500 Supercomputer Sites. On the positive side, the human brain and body are very resilient and a total crash is extremely rare.

So, how will I tackle the problem? The first and easiest part of the solution is to take care of the biological necessities. I need to drink more pure water to flush out the toxins, exercise every day, eat more fruit and vegetables and restore my sleep patterns to some semblance of normality. Case in point, its 3:00 am as i'm writing this - good night!. My next post will explore some other ways we can increase our efficiency and work smarter.


Anonymous Liviu said...

Dear Rob,

To you and all interested people/friends:

I would warmly suggest you to read about SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies, something that we can all bebefit from:

A second link I would suggest (Systemic Interactive Medicine):



9:07 AM  
Anonymous Max Bossi said...

After reading your comments I could not help but thinking of a harmonic balance which could provide a healthy state of body, healthy mind/spirit,healthy family/relationship/healthy role in society/and healthy finances.
I'm speaking of a philosophy that originated in Japan with one Isamu Masuda, founder of Nikken Inc, the most advanced, leading edge wellness technology company in the world.
Being the best we are capable of becoming...that is the question.
And the challenge and I delight in the fact that it exists.

with care and best wishes,
Max Bossi, Vancouver Island, B.C.

11:03 PM  

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