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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Binge Eating - One Good Way To Get Rid Of This Habit ...

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Use Motivator Software!

This is a simple experiment I tried on a student who had gained five kilos in as many months. The experiment brought this girl back to her normal cloth-sizes, and she has overcome her habit of binge-eating. Would you like to try it out?

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Of course, I do not have the wherewithal or resources to replicate this as a double-blind experiment on batches of subjects. So I cannot make any "scientific" statement. At the same time, the solution is non-invasive and has absolutely no side-effects. There is no patent to it either, and there is absolutely no cost associated. You can try it out in the privacy of your desk and desktop - it is that simple.

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Coming back to this student. Let's call her Angela. She and her mother began realizing that she was hitting the fridge more often than usual. This coincided with the announcement of Angela's university of the dates of the exam she was due to appear in. It was obviously the stress of preparing for the exam and the high hopes she had set for herself that were gnawing her innards, which her body compensated by craving food.

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When Angela came to me for counseling, she had already gained four kilos. It took a session or two to realize what was going on. Since she spent a major part of her day before her desktop poring over her study notes, I decided to put her concentration - as well as her motivation - to her own advantage.

Motivator Image

I got her to download the free software called "Motivator". I emailed to her a script containing self-affirmation sentences, all focused on her particular situation. Her main cause for gaining weight was not craving-for-food. It was her worry at doing well in the exams, and meeting her own expectations. This was what I focused upon.

The software would auto-load at the time of boot-up, and the messages would start popping up, ever so gently, once every two minutes. There are some very good settings in the software that make it possible.

Motivator Settings

There was the initial expected period of "no-results". "Nope, it is not working. I still crave food, and I still go to the kitchen for food. The messages look sooo silly when I return after my fill and sit again before the computer!" I asked her to be patient. Good habits, like bad habits, take time and practice to form.

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And now she is quite okay. The exam is due tomorrow. Not only has her craving stopped, she has reduced in weight. Plus, she is brimming with confidence about her success in her exams.

Here is the product. You can download it for free:

Here is an article that dwells on the habit of binge-eating: The Stomach Is An Inflatable Sac, Sure.

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