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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Year Has Begun With Doom And Gloom...

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Time To Be Focused On The Positive

Look at how the year has begun.

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We witnessed one of the steepest stock market falls across the globe these past few days. January 2008 will long be remembered stock brokers and traders as one of the bleakest chapter in their career. As all indices plunged, the too-late reaction of US Federal Reserve of cutting interest rates by seventy-five basis points has done little to buffet the downfall.

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In some pockets of the world, the dreaded H5N1 has begun rearing its head once again, and there are reports of new pathogenic strains being found. Migratory birds, previously harbingers of peace, are now helping to spread the virus to all the parts of the world, exposing us all to a potentially global pandemic.

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The earth is today (January 29th) witness to a near-hit by the asteroid 2007TU24. This guy will pass us by within a whisker in cosmic measurement, about 1.4 times the distance between us and the moon. (The next asteroid to visit will be in 2027 A.D.)

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At the political level, postures being adopted over some countries' alleged stocking of nuclear weapons are not yielding any results. If anything, they are only taking us one step closer to another Vietnam-type / Iraq-type scenario.

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Look at how the year has begun.

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I guess it is in such times that we as self-developers can contribute towards sanity by using the power we have built in ourselves through auto-suggestions, positive visualizations, et al. Let us now include in our daily exercises of positive imagery, a vision of a planet that has regained its balance and sense of peace and calm yet again.

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My immediate thought is that this is a passing phase. The world is changing its garbs, and this is the transition period while the new set of clothes is being put in place. Soon, we will see much better times ahead.

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Now there, that was a nice thought to include in my daily visualizations! Fellow travelers on the self-dev path, let's be selfish. For our sake and that of our children, let us include the imagery of a happy and peaceful earth in our daily visualizations.

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